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Camping le Sous Bois

Av des Pins La Cotinière
- 17310 Saint Pierre d'Oléron

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The beaches of the Oleron Island

1 km from the fishing port

Rent per night in season

Oleron campsite - Camping le Sous Bois - Ile d'Oleron - France - charente maritime

3-Star camping pitches by the sea   Camping Le Sous Bois boasts 100 camping…


Our campsite offers a great number of recent and trendy rental accommodations!   …


Around the campsite, a few steps from the sea, about 200 meters from the Atlantic beach and…


Welcome to Camping * * * Le Sous Bois
On the island of D'oleron
Camping le Sous bois dedicated to nature lovers and to the followers of the Hygge!


The Camping le Sous Bois opens onto a large wooded garden and welcomes you in its idyllic setting in the centre of the island of D'oleron, Atlantic façade and only a few steps from the fishing port of the Cotiniere to spend a good holiday with the family , where the fish is put to the spotlight through its small markets in the morning and the afternoon, and its good restaurants that border this small fishing port. The campsite is located in a beautiful setting where nature is preserved, and where it contains végètales species that participate in the decor, where the intention is to highlight the beauty of colors and shapes, where they miss the nice accommodations and locations that Invite you to the temptation of idleness, in order to enjoy the micro climate of the island of D'oleron and to spend pleasant moments with family or friends. The campsite represents all these little moments of happiness, its idea is to privilege feelings of comfort, sharing, conviviality by dining with friends, to taste a good bottle of wine, to laugh with them, by spending time playing with the children , taking care of oneself are true actions of the hygge.

"It is not a question of ignoring problems but of taking care of oneself to have the strength to confront them." Helen Russell, English journalist


Wide choice of accommodations



We offer you for your stays in the week or at night (depending on the holiday periods) of the caravan and tent tents, camping car and great comforts of different styles: chalets and Mobil Homes cottages, villas, All equipped in great comfort, in a green and relaxing environment., all our models are equipped with terraces equipped, furnished with beautiful spacious rooms, some are equipped with Jacuzzi where you can relax with family or friends, Some will be surrounded by private gardens,,,


The sea nearby

Only 200 meters from the Atlantic beaches. Our beach is not really dedicated to swimming, but it is dedicated to the lazing and découvererte of the foreshore, where you can discover all our marine animal species = limpets, or also called Chinese hats, and animals facinants Like sea hares, (if you are interested: Click here to learn more about Iodde association that protects the foreshore)


1km from the small fishing port of La Cotinière

The campsite is located in the centre of the island of the Atlantic, and its small fishing port, a must for its fishing harbour, its retail fish sale, its good restaurants, souvenir shops , its ice-cream shops and its bistros in the port,,,

 "Today under wood is a reference in camping, nearly 20 years of hard work and rehabilitation of the site, (after the storm of 1999 which had taken everything during its passage). Sylvie and her team continue constantly to revalue this precious jewellery, by meeting criteria of excellence in quality and by the arrangement of its green spaces, that Sylvie sowed, planted and seen flourish over the years, transformed the  Sanitary by bringing its touch of personal decoration but still having preserved its authenticity, and hygiene, cleanliness are rigorous in this professional, but also on the quality of the choices of these very original accommodations, arranged and decorated with A lot of taste. When we enter this universe, we feel the senses of well being, of tranquility, of charity, of sympathy..... once you get there, it's hard to leave it............    Thanks for all this vacation a long date camper  "

General terms of sale

Art 1: rent:

The reservation of an accommodation for the period July and August, is made weekly: of Saturday (or on Sunday) 16 hours in Saturday (or on Sunday) 12 hours and the reservation for a naked location it do any in the daytime of the week of the day of arrival 14 hours in the day of departure 12 hours. Or forward and autumn to arrive them and the departures for the accommodations and the locations are made in the overnight stay without compulsory day. Any reservation will have to be accompanied by the regulation of the deposit, in the order of campsite the Littoral Undergrowth Holidays + freshly of reservation. The minimum of duration of the stay is of a week in July and August. The reservation becomes firm when a copy of the contract signed by the customer was turned in ten days following the expedition of the contract, accompanied by a deposit of 30 % of the amount Fixed expenses of file and possibly the amount of the insurance optional cancellation. The reservation will become actual after the sending of our confirmation of reception of the deposit and the signed contract. In case of inaccurate declaration of the taker, the present contract will be cancelled by rights and the paid sums will remain acquired in the campsite. Locations are booked according to the demands and attributed according to availability. Any reservation is personal, it is forbidden by money to rent or to give up your accommodation and location to a third.The visitors must be declared upon their arrival during the opening hours of the reception, and can be admitted after authorization of the direction(management) and under the responsibility of those who receive them, they will have to pay(pour) in the campsite(camping) a fee(royalty) by visitor.

Art 2:

for the rents of accommodation: the balance will have to be settled under 45 days before your arrival to the campsite. 2 pledges will have to be put down upon your arrival and will be restored to you after check at the end of your stay: - pledge of 400 e for the accommodation (break-in or breach of material and house), - Pledge of 80 e for the household if you did not take the package arranges. For the early departures, pledges will have returned to you by mail. The rent will have to be left in perfect condition.
Art 3:

for the rents of naked location:
The balance will have to be settled upon your arrival and a pledge of 15 e for the key of the barrier, this one will be restored to you in exchange for the key during your departure.

Art 4: arrival:

You have to warn the campsite(camping) of any possible delay of your arrival by telephone or by e-mail, to keep(preserve) your reservation. Beyond 24 hours without piece of news(short story), your reservation will become no. When the stay is begun, there is not possible refund(repayment) anymore because of early(anticipated) departure whatever is the reason (see insurance(assurance) cancellation Pull Place setting).

Art 5: for the alone services(performances) of accommodation(hosting):

The cancellation of your service(performance) pulls(entails) expenses which are charged to you according to the scale below, being specified that set-up fees are not refundable.
Alone service(performance) of accommodation(hosting)
In + 30 days before the departure
30 % of the total amount TTC
Between 30 and 16 days before the departure
55 % of the total amount TTC
Between 15 and 7 days before the departure
75 % of the total amount TTC
Unless seven days of the departure and after the departure
100 % of the total amount TTC
Art 6: insurance cancellation and interruption:

The campsite The Undergrowth proposes you an insurance cancellation and optional interruption in your rental agreement. Our partner Gritchen Affinity makes a commitment to pay off all or part of the stay to the only customers having signed the insurance Pull Place setting. In case of cancellation, warn the campsite of your withdrawal from the emergence of an event preventing your departure by mail or by e-mail. If the disaster is planned in the general conditions ( Available on the or with the campsite(camping)), inform the insurer within 48 am and supply all the necessary information and the documentary evidences. This insurance(assurance) is optional but deeply advised(recommended).

Art 7: animals:

The taker cannot on no account, to introduce animals into the campsite without special authorization of the director of the campsite. The pets of category 1 and 2 are strictly forbidden. Obligation to supply a vaccination certificate and to be kept leash there. As well do not leave animals only during your absence in the accommodation, the car, on location ... As well as watch not to attach your animal to a tree or other vegetables set up on the campsite. Plan a tie animal (in your suitcases) to attach your animal. For excrements watch that your animal does not make these need within the campsite, thought of using one collect dropping or ask the welcome of the campsite.

Art 8: cohabitation:

During your stay, make nothing who by the fact of the taker, his(her) family or its relations, can damage the tranquillity of the neighborhood or the other occupants. Of this fact the not accompanied children cannot be admitted. Make no modification, or change, in the capacities(measures) of furniture and places. Settle(adjust) the sound level of radio sets, television and others, in a way that the neighbors cannot be bothered in particular with rumours(noises), smells, smokes, lights or vibrations caused by him or by devices belonging to him(her).

To refrain(Abstain) in a absolute way from throwing(casting) in washbasins, bathtubs, bidets, kitchen sinks, wash houses, toilets etc. objects likely to block pipes, otherwise he(it) will be indebted expenses caused for the discount(delivery) in service(department) of devices. In these cases you will have to support(bear), without rent rebate and without compensation(allowance), the repairs falling to the lessor, among whom the urgency and the necessity would appear during the rent.
Art 9: dispute:

Return on no account the responsible lessor in case of flight(theft) committed in the rented(praised) places. Any breakage of the properties(goods), the trees and any other break-in(breakage) in the campsite(camping), the toilets, on locations, in renting caused by the vacationer must be declared that very day to the reception. The repair will be charged to you. Consequently we advise(recommend) you to verify well that you are assured(insured) well for this kind(genre) of dispute, so that you are paid off.
Art 10: departure:

You have to maintain the rented(praised) places and return them in good condition of renting repairs of interview(maintenance) at the end of enjoyment, as well for the renting as for the locations. The vacationer declares to know the functioning of all the services(departments) and the devices. He(it) re-can take them in good working order and makes a commitment to maintain them and to make them such at the end of enjoyment. He(it) makes responsible for any accidents which could arrive by their use(custom).

For locations, warn(prevent) the day before your departure, and for the renting, book an appointment the day before(watch) for the formalities of exit(release).

Art 11: mediation:

The provisions of the articles L611-1 and R612-1 of the Code of the consumption obliges the campsite(camping) to propose to their consumer campers a procedure of free mediation. Every consumer has the right to receive free of charge a mediator of the consumption with the aim of the amicable resolution of the dispute which sets him(it) against a campsite(camping). The mediation is an alternative(alternate) mode of resolution of the conflicts since a dispute was not able to be settled(adjusted) within the framework of a prelimin
ary complaint directly introduced in near the campsite(camping). For lack of amicable resolution, if the dispute persists, without prejudice to take legal proceedings, the Campsite(Camping) suggests to the consumer camper calling on(appealing) to the mediator: Medicys 73 boulevard of Clichy - 75009 Paris -01 49 70 15 93 -

Art 12: right in the image:

During your stay in the campsite Under Wood, you will may be photographed or filmed for the illustration of our web site or the realization of our brochures of presentation or commercial. If you do not wish to be photographed or filmed, it will be enough to you to indicate him in writing to the welcome from your arrival.


Camping le Sous Bois - Saint pierre d'oléron


Pony club

New in 2017: Every Thursday morning from 10am to 13pm, Pony Club at Sous Bois for children from 2 years


Camping le Sous Bois - Saint pierre d'oléron


Eva shows

At camping Le Sois Bois, Eva will organise the entertainment for the nights of 25 July, 2 and 16 August.