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Camping le Sous Bois - Saint pierre d'oléron

Pony club

New in 2017: Every Thursday morning from 10am to 13pm, Pony Club at Sous Bois for children from 2 years

This year Sylvie wanted to share his passion of riding after the abrupt departure of his mare "Emerald" Sylvie, in her memory wanted to find in his equine camping atmosphere with little ponies "Shetland". Small campers will have the opportunity to meet each Thursday 6 ponies, suitable for all audiences and educated, where children will learn the first steps to take to become a rider; all the steps needed to conduct equestrian sessions through brushing pony, how to hold the reins, how to put the saddle on her pony, holding the reins, to stop, to do trot, and gallop on a course adventure and fully secure initiation; and well on all supervised by a qualified instructor and graduate (patent status - bees-ate-BPJEPS ..)