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Camping le Sous Bois

Av des Pins La Cotinière
- 17310 Saint Pierre d'Oléron

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Camping le Sous Bois - Saint pierre d'oléron

Fishing on foot on the island of Oleron

The island of Oleron, a paradise for anglers on foot but with some recommendations ....

Recommendations to walk recreational fishermen ...
  • Attention to the minimum sizes authorized shells (ask at the reception of your campsite nomenclature of seafood,
  • Prohibition of fishing within 25 meters concessions, oyster beds and other marine cultures, fishing ban between sunset and sunrise,
  • Listen to the weather of the day before going fishing,
  • Attention to heat, provide hat, sunglasses, keep your shirt, boots or rubber boots, water bottle and a small first aid kit in case of injury,
  • Amount of permitted fishing shellfish fisherman is 5 kg and are not fishing you not eat,
  • And inquire at your campsite